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Each athlete to establish a 10 Rep Max Front Squat

At the start of the workout, there will be a barbell set up for the male athletes and female athletes. Each athlete will have 3:00 to find a 10 rep max front squat, with one male athlete and one female athlete working in each 3:00 segment. The athletes can take the barbells out of a squat rack or from the floor. If they are performing the work from the floor, then a squat clean to begin would count as the first of the ten reps. Athletes may take as many attempts as they like and the weight can go up or down at any time. All athletes can assist with changing of weight at any time but only one athlete can perform squats on each bar during the 3:00 interval. There will be a judge on each barbell during the entirety of the event to watch for depth. 

Each team will have a total score for the combined total of the male 10 rep maxes and the combined total of the female 10 rep maxes. If any athlete fails to successfully hit any weight for 10 reps, then they will contribute a score of zero pounds to their respective total. 

2 barbells, weights, and clips. 

Video Requirements:
The video should run for 15:00 for each pair of athletes to complete their 3:00 segment with no rest time between athletes. Be sure to capture the video at an angle that can capture both barbells and the depth of the squats of each athlete. 

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