The Relay

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50 Synchro Burpees to Plate
2 Rounds
10 Lungesters
10 Sit Ups
50 Synchro Weighted Burpees

At the start of the workout, all 10 athletes will perform 50 burpees synchronized at the bottom of the burpee (all 10 athletes on the ground at once) and at the top (all 10 athletes on top of the plate at once). At the completion of 50 burpees in this fashion, the team will begin on 2 rounds of a relay style workout with all 10 athletes completing 10 Lungesters (one athlete at a time) followed by all 10 athletes completing 10 sit ups (one athlete at a time). Each athlete will wait until the previous athlete finishes all 10 of their repetitions before beginning their own set of work. After the team finishes two rounds in this manner of lungesters and sit ups, the team will begin on the final synchronized burpees. This final set of 50 burpees will be synchronized at the bottom of the burpee (all 10 athletes on the ground) and at the top (all 10 athletes holding their plate overhead). 

Movement Standards:
Synchronized Burpee - All 10 athletes have chest and thighs touching the ground at the same time & all 10 athletes on top of the plate or with the plate overhead at the same time. Athletes who get their first will wait for the rest of the team to catch up or the repetition will not count. 

Lungesters - Hold plate at the chest and step forward or backward into a lunge until the knee touches the ground. Finish the repetition by standing up from the lunge and pressing the plate overhead, completing the rep when the plate is overhead with arms, hips, and knees, extended. 

Sit Ups - arms touch the ground overhead at the back of each rep and complete the rep by sitting up and getting the shoulders past the hips at the top. Athletes can have the legs situated any way they like and may use an abmat if they wish.

The score for this workout will be the time to complete all of the above work with a cap of 20:00. Any reps not completed in that time will add one second to the 20:00 cap. For instance, a team who completed 35 of the final 50 burpees would record a score of 20:15. 

Female athletes will use a #15 plate and male athletes will use a #25 plate. 

Video Requirements
Teams will be required to record a video with all 10 athletes in frame with the ability to see the synchronization of the burpees at the bottom and top of each rep and at an angle that allows the viewer to see the performance of the lungester and sit ups by each individual athlete. 

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