The Row

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Each team will assign two athletes to perform each of the following rowing pieces.

250m Row
500m Row
1000m Row
2000m Row
5000m Row

You can assign any athlete to any distance as long as each individual performs at least one of the rows (ie you cannot have one athlete submit a time for two distances). Teams can assign distances in any way they like, you do not need to have a male and female for each distance. This workout will not have a specific start time and teams can use as many rowers as they want while athletes work through the different distances. Instead, teams will set up the single distance workout setting on the rower for each individual distance and teams will be required to take a photo of the time in the memory after each effort to confirm the time. This workout will be performed in its entirety before teams can move on to other workouts in the day (ie you cannot have some athletes perform their rowing pieces in the morning while others perform them later on).

Each distance will have a score for a total of 5 scores per team for this event. Teams will have a combined 250m score, combined 500m score, combined 1000m score, combined 2000m score, and combined 5000m score. There is no time cap for this workout.

1 to 10 rowers. Teams can have multiple people rowing at once and share rowers between athletes as well as long as you reset the rowers and set the distance for the next rower before they begin. 

Video requirements:
You will be required to start a video with all rowers that will be in use in the frame and run the video from the start of the first rower to the finish of the last rower. These videos will be used to ensure that no team is having one athlete perform multiple distances and to confirm the times sent in via photograph (ie we will ensure that the photograph times match up to the times performed in the video). 

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